EVOKO Naso Rose - Abonnemangslicens (1 år)

Tillverkare Evoko
Artikelnr ERL1001-12
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    Evoko Naso books the room so you can focus on the meetings. This digital room booking system prevents double bookings and interrupted meetings. It releases rooms that are booked but are not being used. Icons detail at a glance what equipment is available in each room. Using the analytics tool, you can gain valuable insight into how frequently rooms are being utilized, helping you improve your meeting culture.

    Add an extra layer of functionality on top of Evoko Naso with convenient features such as automatic check-in into a meeting when entering a room and full catering options when booking your room. You can also add maps to guide you and use sensor connections and open API for automation and integration. The Naso mobile app makes it easy to find and book a room that matches your need, and Overview Screen shows you the status of all rooms at glance.

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